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she's dead -


Iv the Hippogriff
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In the worldwideweb, I go by the name Lucy Fer, and call myself demoness extraodinaire. But in the real world, I really am just an average person - there's nothing much that sets me apart from others. In the real world, I'm just a young girl, sitting in front of the computer, asking you reader to give your soul to me.

Then I'd call my real papa, stress is on the second syllable, and oh, his name's Satan, tell him how my day went by, then if I have the time, stop by God's place for a few minutes, have a drink with him. Yeah, we're drinking buddies. Then I go to sleep, and the day ends. A new one quickly follows. And I live my life of utter averageness again.

Oh, to be young and normal!